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Cancellation Policy:

  • More than 48Hrs before scheduled departure 100% refund.
  • More than 24Hrs before scheduled departure 50% refund.
  • Less Than 24Hrs before scheduled departure NOT REFUNDABLE.
  • Cash purchased Tickets Refund will be given within 48 Hrs after verification of CNIC copy.

Web Refund Policy:

  • Refund will be given within 48 hrs after verification of CNIC of traveler along with CNIC copy.
  • Refund settled amount will be reversed back on your online payment account.

Seat Change Policy & Charges:

  • More than 48 hrs before scheduled Rs: 0/-.
  • Between 48-24 hrs before scheduled Rs: 500/-.
  • Less Than 24 hrs before scheduled Rs:1000/-.
  • Less Than 5 hrs before scheduled NOT TRANSFERABLE
  • Transfered seat will not be refunded OR Rescheduled

Seat Change Policy & Charges:

No refund will be given on account of any event of force majeure. However in event of vehicle breakdown before commencement of journeys, passenger will be entitled for full refund. If the vehicle breakdown during journey passengers will be sent to destination or origin at company expense.

Full ticket will be charged for children 4 years and above. Kids under 4 yrs will not be allocated a separate seat.

Luggage weighing upto 30 Kgs per ticket is allowed free of charge in the bus. In case of excess luggage, ELT (Extra Luggage Tariff) will be charged Rs.20/- per Kg.

Company is not responsible if any passenger lost his / her luggage, money, jewelry, due to accident / any kind of tragic incident.

On cancelation of departure due to any reason, the discounted ticket will NOT be adjusted in any other departure. Either it will be refunded OR exchanged with the price difference. The refund of the cash purchase will be given within 24 hours . If customer purchases the ticket from Bookme, they will have to contact them to refund the ticket amount. QConnect is not responsible for their refunds.